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CEM’13 Computational Electromagnetics International Workshop
With public health nutrition offered, the caliber of life for a lot of populations has improved. An area of public health nutrition is always to boost the results of pregnancy for mom and baby by educating them on eating properly. An inadequate diet while being pregnant or childhood may cause lifelong consequences. A good example may be the vitamin b folic acid campaign. Since its introduction, the volume of babies born with neural tube defects has decreased significantly because of increased understanding of vitamin b folic acid needs while pregnant. Public health nutrition also works together vulnerable groups which are with a greater risk of preventable diseases on account of malnutrition. Furthermore, it reaches groups undernourished from chronic hunger as they do not get the money to purchase food. Bilkent University Computational Electromagnetics Research Center (BILCEM) is organizing an international workshop on August 02-05, 2003, in Izmir, Turkey, to discuss recent progress in the area of computational electromagnetics. Until 30th of May is opened the period for submission of papers
Commission declares 2013 the year of air
The EU has been tackling air pollution since the 1970s. Steps like controlling emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and improving fuel quality have contributed to progress in this area, but the problem still remains. This is mainly as a result of human activities: the burning of fossil fuels and the dramatic rise in traffic on the roads, for instance. Quality validation date: 2013-01-15. 
Air traffic control: an easy target for hackers?
Next-generation ADS-B aircraft tracking systems are set to revolutionise future ATC operations, but are the signals adequately protected from hacking? Chris Lo speaks to Eurecom security researcher Andrei Costin about the new system's vulnerability t…. 
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore signs collaboration to enhance ATM performance
The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) has signed collaboration agreements with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR JU), MITRE and Airbus Prosky to modernise air traffic control in the country.. 

EU Research and Innovation for Air Traffic Security Workshop (September 7th, Berlin) The event organized by DIET/INFOCOM and co-chaired by FHR within ARGUS3D congregated a group of stakeholders (leading companies and research organizations) in the Security and Air Traffic Management Sectors. The high quality of the presentations combined with a very dynamic closing Round Table were instrumental to the success of the workshop.


The slides of the event as well as other material related to the Workshop will be available soon in the project results section (


 Project Summary

ARGUS 3D (Air Guidance and Surveillance 3D) is an European Union funded 3-year collaborative project addressing ways to enhance the security of European citizens, as well as of strategic assets by contrasting, on large areas, unpredictable and unexpected terrorist threats that can be delivered by means of small and low-flying (manned or unmanned) A/C.

The project aims to improve the detection of manned and unmanned platforms by exploiting the treatment of more accurate information of cooperative as well as non-cooperative flying objects, in order to identify potentially threats.

The scope will be reached by managing the 3D position data in region including extended border lines and large areas, 24 hours a day and in all weather conditions, derived from enhanced existing Primary Surveillance Radar (PSR), together whit conventional data and information coming via various passive radar technique in order to extend the airspace coverage and to enhance the target recognition capability of the surveillance systems. Thus, the security could be enhanced in large areas, at sustainable costs, by improving the recognition of non-cooperative target through more accurate information on it s characteristics and/or more accurate positioning.